Emilia’s 5-Day Detox

Emilia D'Aversa Personal Training

Need to get back on track ASAP?

Struggle with the holidays? Vacations? Feeling like your body is all out of lack from less sleep, the fun socializing and eating all different kinds of foods you are not used to having?

I have a 5-Day solution to help you get back on track after any holiday, vacation or slip-up in your workout program.

Key Benefits

  • Debloat
  • Destress
  • Revitalize
  • Get Back on track!

What's Inside

  • 3-Part video course to get you started with your detox
  • 15-Page Downloadable Detox Guide that walks you through the 4 key components of a detox
  • Pre-Workout Stretch Routine
  • 30-Min Strength and Cardio Workout Programs
  • Detoxifying Meal Plan
  • Morning and night time routines

The Only Detox Program You’ll Ever Need.

Learn the 4 components to a revitalizing detox.


Includes 3 simple detox workouts.

Easy to learn and perform anywhere. Works on any device.


Unlock my detox program now and feel better in just 5 days.