Online Personal Training

Emilia D'Aversa Personal Training

Get Fast Results Anywhere.

Why has Online Training has been so successful?

The #1 problem people have with fitness is staying accountable. Online training gives you that powerful commitment factor in addition to having my 15 years of experience in program design and personal training.

When you add in the fact that I can customize a program for your specific needs then you are going to get a lot more out of your workout and in less time. That’s why we can actually still see results by only working out for 15 minutes a day a few times a week.

Online training is the perfect dosage of support and motivation to make personal fitness goals easy to accomplish.

Key Benefits

  • Designed for people with jam-packed schedules
  • Keeps you very accountable to your desired goals
  • Start with 15-minute workouts and still see results
  • Learn from my 15 years of training experience

What's Included

  • Track your results with my online training mobile app
  • Watch instructional videos in-app for proper form
  • Take measurements, before and after photos
  • Workout calendars based on your goals
  • Every workout includes sets and rep recommendations
  • Connect with me in-app for support and motivation

Currently I am offering just one online training package:

  • Online Training
    $195 month
    • Once a month coaching call to help you setup for success and adherence
    • Video Assessment to personalize your program
    • Personalize workouts setup for 3-6 days/week training cycles
    • Bi-weekly coaching emails and or text messaging
    • Track your workout stats with Smartphone App
    • Online Communication via App
    • Capture Progress photos, stats and measurements via App